Saddleback College Robotics

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$4000 Mechanical Components

(chassis, arm, end-effectors, mast camera, wheels, etc.)


$5000 Wireless Communication System and Ground Station

(900MHz and 2.4 GHz band with tracking)


$2000 Motors, actuators, and gear boxes


$2500 Batteries, Electronics, Motor controllers, processors


$2500 Navigational Sensors (LIDAR, GNSS, cameras, IMU, range finders)


$5000 Science Package

(Instrumentation, materials, chemicals, sensors, etc.)


$1500 Rover transportation to the competition

This project is currently looking for private funding


We have successfully created a 501c3 tax-deductible account attached to this project in order to further motivate corporate sponsorship.

Your donations will allow us to buy the components and materials that we need to construct our rover and compete in this year's competition.

Our Total Estimated Cost is $22,500

The following is a list of the projects current and future expenditures: